Last Spring Rain

June 10, 1907 Catskills

            I am so happy to be back at Winnisook for the summer.  The pines have already cleared New York fumes from my head.  Birds have replaced the sound of horse cart vendors.  I think I spotted the mated eagles from last year. They circled the lake searching for last year’s aerie.

            Thank God the carriage was at the station after the seemingly endless train ride along the Hudson. Beautiful valley, but it takes so long to get to my real home.  The carriage ride up the half metaled road was longer than usual because of the ruts and holes.  Each winter the freezes are worse and the staff takes longer to complete the repairs after mud season. 

            I see Sox is out on the lake canoeing. He just paddles in circles like he is chasing a dream.  Sometimes Chet tries to keep up but eventually gives up out of exhaustion and the endless loops.  The Hatcher boys always paddle with them.

            A thick storm is forming over Slide Mountain.  I hope the boys come in before it breaks.  Too late!  The storm is upon us with hail the size of oranges.  The Hatcher boys’ canoe has capsized in the rain.  It will take too long for any of the families to reach the shore. 

            Sox is still on the lake and paddling to them.  He has called for them to get in their canoe and take his line.  He is towing the swamped canoe with the boys to shore.  Thank heaven, they made it.  The families have wrapped them in blankets and taken them to home fires.

            Sox’s dad has gone down to help him stow the canoes.  I hear him yelling at Sox.  He says Sox is a damn fool for risking his life to save the boys.  His voice thunders across the lake: “You should have let them drown to improve the breed.”

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